Love Letter - OOO

Vacation giphy.gif

It’s August. Out of Office country in the global north. The heart of winter and dust storms back home.

I’m intrigued by OOO notes now littering American inboxes. Limited internet access, some say. Out of the country, others show off.

America, Out of Office. How funny, in a culture that invented overtime, working weekends and an entire city dedicated to never sleeping. What does the concept of taking time out mean in such a society? In a culture dedicated to the holy sacrament of two-week annual vacations and public holidays that are often on-call for white collar employees and unpaid for blue collar workers, what does slowing down mean?

Maybe slowing down just means simmering in all this heat—having nature slap you in the face (and in unmentionable sweaty skin folds down there) with enough humidity and hell’s boils you have to shut the computer off, close the office down and get the fc outta dodge.

Or maybe it means going rogue. Bucking against the culture of mindless doing and productivity to insist on an intentional idleness. To insist on the urgency of rest.

This love letter is our OOO. We’re taking this newsletter off the presses for August.

A mindful pause will allow us to more fully focus on building KCo. We’re also playing with the letter’s formatting and model. We’re excited to include more of your stories and voices when we return.

When these Love Letters hit your inbox this fall, they’ll drop once a fortnight, chock-full of fresh thought and dope design. AND include hot topics, creatives to note and content from you. Whatever you’re doing that’s creative and giving you life this August, I’d LOVE to hear about it. Are you painting? Send me a picture I can share with KYNDRED’s growing community. Have a short story or paragraph you wrote and want in the world? Let me get my eyes on it! Whatever you’re up to, please share.

And Cheers to this endless summer—and seeing you recharged on the other side!