Love Letter - Press Refresh


Away. How do you feel away? Away from daily quibbles and drowning in the deluge of ever-urgent and more outrageous news? How do you craft stillness from daily madness through a feeling, not only a pricey getaway with palm trees swaying and a great band playing--as nice as all that sounds?

I’m asking you because at the core of creative flow is getting away. Yes, from the noise and the world that is your everyday life. But from yourself, most of all. From the constant chatter in your head and that to-do list that remains loaded--always a full bank. And always more concerned with the promises you made yesterday and the cluttered inbox you still need to tame over the glorious flower right in front of you or the sunshine kissing your skin and what noticing these things may open up for you. 

All that stuff of our daily lives mutes to zero when you’re lost in the depths of creativity. In that flow, you silence your analytical mind and invite your most intuitive and inherently artistic self out for a frolic. Sounds idyllic. Right? Yup. Nice for the rich and famous, I hear you smirk, eyes rolling. But you’re who gets to live there everyday, as it turns out. Yes, you. Full time resident of expansive space.

Because away isn’t a place. It’s a state of mind. And getting there is easy: Press Refresh. 

Victorians got doctors’ prescriptions giving them permission to Press Refresh. A month by the sea, their doctors ordered. Today, wellness gurus from Arianna Huffington to fancy pants neuroscientists prescribe what our ancients knew as a self-evident cure: sleep. A good night’s sleep is the beginning of a masterpiece. And oh. Don’t forget to meditate. Every day. And to tell everyone about your enlightened practice and morning ritual. 

I’m all for meditation. And I can write you about my morning rituals too, if you like. But I’m also 100 percent about that Refresh button. A hot soak in the tub. A cat-nap in the sun. A long walk on the beach or a quiet street. Hearing the ocean and its night sound. I recently walked 9km along the coast in hot pursuit of Pressing Refresh. I hopped in the car and just about made it to Namibia another time, marveling at the West Coast’s wide flat terrain and open road as my guide to Press Refresh. Well, I also almost ran out of petrol and got my panties in a tight mess worrying about getting stuck on that idyllic wide open road. But that would be an indulgent tangent titled How To Not Get Sidetracked As You Press Refresh.

My point is this. Creativity doesn’t happen without nurture. You have to Press Refresh. And you have to do it often. Everyday if you’re a zealot, once a week if we’re realistic. That’s how creatives cultivate that feeling of Away. 

So. Armed with all this permission slip (my sister is nearly a doctor!) and the guideline how-to goodies in this Love Letter, how will you Press Refresh? 

Genieve Figgis. Pink Coach, 2015.